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A message from Chuck Bentley, CEO of Crown Financial Ministries


Hi, I am Chuck Bentley, CEO of Crown Financial Ministries. Today, I want to invite you to join the Crown family. Here’s why. Martin Luther once said, “There are only two days that matter, Today and That Day.” You see, on THAT Day, the Lord Jesus Christ will evaluate our stewardship of our time, talents and resources and the only thing that will truly matter is whether we have been both GOOD AND FAITHFUL stewards.

We are on a world-changing mission at Crown…to prepare God’s people to hear those words, Well Done! Can you imagine the magnitude of that moment? It is a reward worthy of our lives. The hard work begins now… Today we are:

  • Serving individuals and families as they seek to achieve their full potential in their job and careers.
  • Serving individuals and families as they seek true financial freedom.
  • Serving business owners as they seek to flourish as they launch and grow their companies.

I invite you to come and join us… Become a part of the global family of Crown. We stretch to over 90 nations of the world… from Albania to Zimbabwe.

We have discovered there are three needs in the Crown family:

A place to BELONG. This is our place to gather, communicate and share with one another. We can be informed, encouraged and engaged by learning what God is doing around the globe. Crown Connect is the place to Belong to the Crown family. I dream that all the Crown family will gather here in this central hub. Can you imagine being able to connect and network with Crown’s global family?

The Crown family needs to understand what we BELIEVE. Our Crown Core contains current and legacy materials that are now available at the click of a button anytime, anywhere. You can work through our seminars, small group studies and workshops at your own pace. You can grow in your knowledge and understanding of God’s principles for your job and career, personal finances and business. We will regularly update the content as new materials are developed.

The Crown Academy is a place for the Crown family to BECOME a leader in our movement. As a member of the Crown family, you can get trained, certified and empowered to become a leader who serves others and multiply leaders.

Crown Connect is the central gathering place to meet all three of these needs and more. You join Crown Connect by subscribing on a monthly or annual basis to have access to both the Crown Community and Crown Core. Members of Crown Connect are then exclusively allowed access to the on-line training and tools in the Crown Academy.

Our next season of ministry promises to be our greatest. We want to pour our lives into leaders who will multiply God’s work in every nation of the world. By joining Crown Connect, we will be able to have a closer relationship with you and you will have a closer relationship with the global family of Crown.

You will get monthly insider updates, instant access to all of our core materials and qualify for our online leadership courses. And beyond all that, you will also be invited to help us developing courses in your mother language, to share testimonies and reports of all God is doing in your nation. You will truly be connected to the Crown family that can access all this via a laptop, tablet or any mobile device.

Are you looking for a ministry where you belong, can grow in your beliefs, and become a leader who prepares others for THAT DAY? I invite you to join the Crown family today.

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