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Crown MoneyLife

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What should I expect from this course?

  • In depth study of what God’s Word has to say about your finances, your career and your life
  • Self-guided and video-driven teaching
  • Practical applications to help you apply God’s principles to your everyday life
  • Growing in your walk with the Lord, your relationships with your family, and the management of your finances!

What does the study cover?

The MoneyLife Personal Finance Study will help you:

  • Understand God’s financial principles
  • Obtain hope and deepen your faith
  • Grow in your generosity
  • Learn ways to ditch debt permanently

What will the weekly homework consist of?

  • Watch a 5-10 minute video
  • Download a PDF to memorize scripture, answer study questions, and read the chapter notes
  • Complete your practical application assignments
  • Pray for God’s Word to be revealed to you
  • Complete the lesson throughout the week on your own schedule

How do I save the PDFs after I enter my answers?

For instructions on saving PDFs, please watch this video: WATCH VIDEO

I did not know that Crown served in so many nations. How can I find out more?

Visit crownministryreport.com to learn more about Crown’s impact around the globe and how lives are changed through this ministry.

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MoneyLife Personal Finance Study (Group Version)

Course Description

From motivating true stories of great perseverance to insightful teaching to deeply introspective self-study, the MoneyLife® Personal Finance Study is designed to help you overcome financial challenges to help you gain a life of meaning and purpose. It is a highly relational biblical financial study intended to create interaction among group members that will foster mutual support and accountability for the entire group.

This study provides solutions for both the symptoms and the root cause of your financial problems once and for all. Combining solid biblical teaching, online tools, and hands-on practical experiences, the MoneyLife® Personal Finance Study is a 10-lesson journey with the potential to change not only your finances but also your life.